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Our Programs

We offer full and part time child care, preschool and pre-kindergarten  classes.  All of which include age-appropropriate  academic programs, snacks, indoor/outdoor recreation, lunch, nap/quiet time and afternoon review and group activities.   There are also half days programs for children who just want to get an excellent preschool education and be home after lunch!   We provide snacks and juice twice daily.   Meals are provided by the parent.

Infants and Toddlers
Our Little Cubs Nursery is for infants, 6 weeks through 12-14 months.  We specialize in tender, loving care and we adhere to each child’s individual schedule.  Babies have their own crib and nap in a private room.  Besides eating and napping, we spend lots of time playing on the floor and watching the excitement across the fence in the toddler area.

Our Lil Cubs Toddler and Cubs classes are for older toddlers between 12 and 23 months and on the go!  They enjoy an active, early preschool environment.  We teach toddler sign language to help them communicate their needs.  During morning Circle Time we sing lots of songs, say our ABC's, count, review colors, shapes and animal  sounds. 

Our schedule also incorporates lots of social play both in our Playroom and Outdoor Playground.   We learn how to follow classroom rules and play nicely with each other.  Art is introduced and becomes more challenging as the year progresses.   We're very busy little bears!

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Each roomy classroom is staffed by a Preschool Teacher and 2 Teaching Assistants.  Children are grouped by age and there is usually no more than 6 months difference in classroom ages.

We explore the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and art all through age- 
appropriate developmental  activities.   We teach the importance of listening and following  directions as well as fostering  social skills.   Additionally, in preschool we introduce science, printing our letters and names, letter sounds and the location of the 50 states.  Our Pre-Kindergarten students learn high frequency words and begin pre-reading.

Our busy day consists of circle time, lesson plans, art projects, story time, computers and indoor/outdoor play.  Monthly themes include:  All About Me! Our Environment, Community Helpers, Health and Nutrition, Nursery Rhymes and Animals.  We even have a unit on Monsters, Ghosts and Goblins for October!  We support our local sports teams thru jersey days throughout the year and we celebrate holidays and special occasions with classroom parties.  We especially enjoy celebrating our classmate’s birthdays!

Field trips are scheduled throughout the year to local places such as:  Duffield’s Farm for Pumpkins and Hay Rides, Johnsons Corner to visit the Easter Bunny, Storybook Land during our unit on Nursery Rhymes, The Cape May Zoo, The Aquarium and The Garden State Discovery Museum.  Parents and siblings are always welcome to come along and enjoy good times!

Kindergarten and Grade School Programs      

Full Day Kindergarten is taught by a NJ certified elementary education teacher and is limited to 15 students.  Our advanced curriculum includes:  morning meeting, language, pre-reading, mathematics, science, art, computer lab and phys ed.  Class time is from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. with the option of extended care hours from 7:00 a.m.  until 6:00 p.m.   Snack and juice are provided by us, parents pack their lunch.

Our Summer Camp Program for grade school children is exciting and on the go!  We have a huge Water Slide on our playground that's used twice a week on "water" days!  Our Playground is extremely fun and includes basketball and volleyball.  There is also ample time provided for daily journals and a review of school work so that it does not become forgotten over the summer.

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