A Proud Tradition of Excellence

Building Blocks Learning Center has been dedicated to providing our students with exceptional early childhood and elementary school programs since 1996.  By realizing that each child is an individual we allow them to learn and grow at their own pace by offering stimulating and challenging academic and social opportunities in a nurturing, child friendly environment.

To that end, we are constantly reviewing our academic curriculum and assuring that each classroom is dedicated to providing an engaging atmosphere where our students will thrive.  We are proud that our graduates score high marks in academic achievement and social development.   We are also delighted to hear back from so many former students (and their parents) telling us how well they are doing in school!

Our center is a state licensed, family owned and operated Child  Care Center.   We too are parents, and provide a warm and caring environment that allows each child to grow and learn as an individual. 

Providing a child friendly environment that promotes academic and social growth is what we strive for!  We want parents to feel comfortable and welcome while in our Center, confident that their children will be cared for and taught by our highly experienced staff of early childhood caregivers.  Our graduates leave with an exceptional foundation of academic achievement and are well prepared to continue to be successful in their ongoing educational journey.

We have a wonderful staff that truly love children.  We are proud that our teacher and assistant teacher turnover is minimal.  The majority of our teaching staff average eight years with our center, many have been with us since we first opened our doors in 1996!    They bring a wealth of experience and continue to grow by participating in yearly staff development workshops to stay on the cutting edge.  We also have a number of  former students that are now working as teaching assistants!

We understand today’s parents require flexible child care and offer several programs to meet their needs.  From individualized care in our infant room to the exceptional achievements of our preschool and kindergarten classes, there are programs designed to cover all ages.  We offer full and part time schedules that range from one half day to five full days for most classes.

We also have an “Open Door” policy that allows parents the opportunity to visit their child whenever they like.  We hope you will look upon our Center as an extension of your home.

We're open year long, Monday thru Friday, from 7:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m.   

Schedule a tour today and see why Building Blocks is 
the best choice for your family!

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